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Founder of Okoye Law

"Thomas has been a great resource for me over the years regarding my personal and industrial endeavors. He possesses a well-roundedness that can only be obtained by being blessed with uncommon wisdom and experience from extraordinary circumstances."

Law Firm Partner/Founder Lionchase Holdings

"Thomas was my Financial Advisor for 6 years. His L.I.F.E. Path approach has helped me attain the Financial Freedom I needed to build a legacy for my family."


"Thomas was the key that unlocked my perspective, which allowed me to take my first step towards financial freedom."

Fashion Entrepreneur

"Working with TJB has been an experience that goes beyond that of a typical Financial Advisor."

Founders of KingdomHouse Solutions

"Thomas has been instrumental with increasing our Financial IQ. With his guidance, we've removed ourselves from the grip of corporate America and enlightened our family to a life of entrepreneurship."

Get Ahead Financially in 5 Steps 

With forethought and planning, it is possible to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Here’s how to get ahead financially.

✔️ Get real with the numbers!

In order to reach your goals, you first need to know where you stand. That means getting really real with the numbers. You’ll need to know your income and expenses, but you’ll also want to know exactly how much debt you’re carrying. You’ll want to figure out how much you need to save for a full emergency fund and comfortable retirement.

These numbers might not be pretty. But you can’t get on the right track until you confront them.

✔️ Create a budget or a financial plan!

Now that you know where your money stands, you can start to give it direction. Create a budget that will allow you to cover your expenses, allocate money towards your emergency fund and invest for retirement. 

If you have more money left over, great! Use it to build up a cushion to get one month ahead financially.

✔️ Cut back where you can!

If you’re like a lot of people and don’t have money left over at the end of the month, take a hard look at your expenses. Are there areas where you could cut back?

Here are some common areas of overspending:

  • Dining out.  
  • Subscription services. 
  • High-interest debt. 

Some expenses might be hard to cut. When you find yourself asking how you’re going to get ahead financially, remember that some short-term sacrifice can help you reach your larger goals. (It won’t be like this forever- only until you can get ahead financially)

✔️ Increase your income!

There will be times when you’ve cut your expenses as much as you can — and you still can’t get ahead. Increasing your income is sometimes the only way to achieve your goals. Pursuing extra income can add breathing room to anyone’s budget.

Here are some ways to get more money:

  • Ask for a raise.
  • Start a side hustle.
  • Get a second job. 

✔️ Start saving!

Once you have your expenses, emergency fund and retirement contributions covered, it’s time to start saving to get a month ahead. 

Remember that saving even small amounts adds up quickly. Part of how to get ahead financially is having patience. In the lunch example above, cutting back just four days a week added up to an entire electric bill. When you ‘save’ that money by implementing a new habit, make sure you’re actually transferring the amount you saved to a savings account dedicated to getting a month ahead. 

One bill may not seem like a lot. But when you change a lot of small habits to save money, those little bits start covering more and more future bills.

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"Sometimes in life you meet people at the right time & the right place. Thomas epitomizes this for myself & my network. His financial intelligence, guidance & support has shifted the trajectory of my family & those to come. You can believe that if you're reading this, Thomas is destined to help you in some form or fashion."

Michael W. Coulter

"I’ve known Thomas for about 4 years now. I have found him to be honest and equitable. I have several investments with him and his team and I would recommend him to anyone. Knowledge is power, so utilize Thomas and his team for as much knowledge as you can take in."

P.J. Heringslake
Corporate Executive

"What Thomas Johnson-Bean has taught me about financial literacy immensely shifted my perspective on finance and debt. He continually pushes back on the status quo. He isn't afraid of defying an entire industry! My family will continue to reap the benefits of his advice for decades to come - it is now apart of my legacy!"

Michael Farmer
Corporate Executive

"I’ve known Thomas personally and professionally for 14 years. I’ve seen him build sincere relationships with his clients, speak at conferences, grow successful teams, and coach people to reach new heights. He’s someone you can rely on because he’s made a career out of changing lives for the better!"

R. Kevin Breen
Sales Executive

"This course will change your life if you're willing to follow the principles that Thomas Johnson-Bean teaches. "

Spencer Haney

About TJB

Thomas Johnson-Bean is the Founder and President of The L.I.F.E. Group (Legacy, Insurance, and Financial Education) as well as an avid investor and 16-year entrepreneur. As a corporate consultant and the author of the L.I.F.E. Changers book series, he is nationally recognized as an advocate for financial wellness.

Thomas has consulted with several Fortune 500 companies. Before retiring his securities licenses he enjoyed a career training Insurance Agents and Financial Planners and built a book of business as a high-producing Advisor. Thomas has received numerous industry production awards, qualified for the Million Dollar Round table multiple times, and wants to help you Build Your Bank!

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