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Learn what it means to be financially free while using your 401(k) to help you achieve meaningful goals. Learn the steps you need to take control of your tax-deferred financial tools!

Too many of us fail to reach our life goals because we focus on our debt obligations instead of building wealth. Learn How to Master Your Debt!

Learn about the full Wealth Building Potential in your income! Even people with high incomes need to learn about Cash Flow and How to Organize their Income to get the most out of it!

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"Thomas was my Financial Advisor for 6 years and, his L.I.F.E. Path approach has helped me attain the Financial Freedom I needed to build a legacy for my family!"

Shalanna L. Pirtle, Esq.
Founder of Lionchase Holdings, LLC

"I’ve known Thomas for about 4 years now. I have found him to be honest and equitable. I have several investments with him and his team and I would recommend him to anyone. Knowledge is power, so utilize Thomas and his team for as much knowledge as you can take in."

Paul Heringslake
Corporate Executive

"I’ve known Thomas personally and professionally for 14 years. I’ve seen him build sincere relationships with his clients, speak at conferences, grow successful teams, and coach people to reach new heights. He’s someone you can rely on because he’s made a career out of changing lives for the better!"

R. Kevin Breen
Financial Advisor/ Entrepreneur

"What Thomas Johnson-Bean has taught me about financial literacy immensely shifted my perspective on finance and debt. He continually pushes back on the status quo. He isn't afraid of defying an entire industry! My family will continue to reap the benefits of his advice for decades to come - it is now apart of my legacy!"

Michael Farmer
Corporate Executive

"For the last few years Thomas has been a conistent resource, both personally and professionally; from reframing the way I view my finances, to being a source of motivation, to career and life choices. I feel very lucky to have him in my corner."

Kayla Barrett
Financial Advisor/ Investment Analyst

"Thomas has been a great resource for me over the years regarding my personal and industrial endeavors. He possesses a well-roundedness that can only be obtained by being blessed with uncommon wisdom and experience from extraordinary circumstances."

Colin C. Okoye, Esq.
Okoye Law

"This course will change your life if you're willing to follow the principles that Thomas Johnson-Bean teaches. "

Spencer Haney
Founder of SMN Capital Holdings, LLC

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