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Thomas Johnson-Bean is the Founder and President of The L.I.F.E. Group (Legacy, Insurance, and Financial Education). He retired as a full-time Financial Advisor in 2018. Thomas is the Author of “4 True Lies about Your Money“ and spends the bulk of his time as an Executive Coach and Financial Equity Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. He also works with Non-profits and Community organizations to spread financial wellness.

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"I’ve known Thomas for about 4 years now. I have found him to be honest and equitable. I have several investments with him and his team and I would recommend him to anyone. Knowledge is power, so utilize Thomas and his team for as much knowledge as you can take in."

Paul J. Heringslake
Corporate Executive

"What Thomas Johnson-Bean has taught me about financial literacy immensely shifted my perspective on finance and debt. He continually pushes back on the status quo. He isn't afraid of defying an entire industry! My family will continue to reap the benefits of his advice for decades to come - it is now apart of my legacy!"

Michael Farmer
Corporate Executive

"Thomas was my Financial Advisor for 6 years. His L.I.F.E. Path approach has helped me attain the Financial Freedom I needed to build a legacy for my family."

Shalanna L. Pirtle, Esq.
Founder of Lionchase Holdings, LLC

"Thomas has been instrumental with increasing our Financial IQ. With his guidance, we've removed ourselves from the grip of corporate America and enlightened our family to a life of entrepreneurship. "

Kevin and Shannon Dixon
Owners of Kingdom House Solutions

"I’ve known Thomas personally and professionally for 14 years. I’ve seen him build sincere relationships with his clients, speak at conferences, grow successful teams, and coach people to reach new heights. He’s someone you can rely on because he’s made a career out of changing lives for the better!"

R. Kevin Breen
Financial Advisor/ Entrepreneur

"Thomas has been a great resource for me over the years regarding my personal and industrial endeavors. He possesses a well-roundedness that can only be obtained by being blessed with uncommon wisdom and experience from extraordinary circumstances."

Colin C. Okoye, Esq.
Okoye Law

"This course will change your life if you're willing to follow the principles that Thomas Johnson-Bean teaches. "

Spencer Haney
Founder of SMN Capital Holdings, LLC

"Sometimes in life you meet people at the right time & the right place. Thomas epitomizes this for myself & my network. His financial intelligence, guidance & support has shifted the trajectory of my family & those to come. You can believe that if you're reading this, Thomas is destined to help you in some form or fashion."

Michael W. Coulter
Artist/ Creative/Entrepreneur

"“Thomas was the key that unlocked my perspective, which allowed me to take my first step towards financial freedom. Working with Thomas and his team, I have set goals, achieved them and took the proper steps to protect my success. His approach isn’t just about numbers but the bigger picture, You!”"

Ricky Rozier
Athlete and Entrepreneur

"When it comes to TJB, he is definitely my “go-to guy” when it comes to “Financial advice or wealth creation”. The passion and dedication to financial improvement from TJB is one of a kind, and is undeniable. He knows how to break down finances to my level not to mention he is one of the best small business minded individuals I’ve ever met. He spoke at my family’s Men’s Summit on wealth creation and everyone there took home a lesson which could be used daily to improve their financial life. I’d refer him to anyone, as I consider him one of the best in the business!!"

Mario Grier
Account Manager and Entrepreneur

"For the last few years Thomas has been a consistent resource, both personally and professionally; from re-framing the way I view my finances, to being a source of motivation, to career and life choices. I feel very lucky to have him in my corner."

Kayla Barrett
Financial Advisor/ Investment Analyst

"Thomas is wise beyond his years! I’ve been blessed to know and work with him for five years now and can truly say that he is as supportive as they come. Anytime that I have reached out to him for advice or just to lend an ear for a financial solution, he is always there. When when it comes to financial planning, I would advise anyone to listen to him. His knowledge and background of business are a cut above the rest and the results he gets with his clients speak volumes. "

Marilyn Perry
Case Manager for Financial Professionals

"Working with TJB has been an experience that goes beyond that of a typical Financial Advisor. He takes interest in your overall life goals and strategy and then educates you on the proper financial literacy and techniques to match. It’s a custom-made encounter that breaks down processes and leaves you feeling like you’re embarking on your purpose in addition to financial security. When money, method, and motivation meet, magic happens! He’s been doing it so long that it feels like a natural process and isn’t intimidating at all. Any time someone asks me about finances, I recommend Thomas Johnson-Bean."

Kamaria McCall
Entrepreneur, Founder of Empire Fashion Firm, Creative Director

"Thomas has been my financial advisor since 2007, and my wife and I greatly respect his wisdom that has helped me achieve my goal of retirement in January 2019.  We have seen Thomas’ faith to dare to dream big and grow his vision to what is now a conglomerate of linked business professionals on his team.  Thomas’ involvement in our lives goes beyond just the numbers of strictly professional.  We believe Thomas truly cares about us and his clients to provide the best service.  When we have a need, Thomas is very accessible and always willing to provide multiple options to solve our problem.  This amazing young professional has a lot going for him to positively impact and change many lives as he shares his passion to teach, instruct and inspire through his books, personal engagements and social media."

Dennis and Loretta Mason
Retired Engineer/Real Estate Entrepreneur

"I’ve known Thomas Johnson-Bean(TJB) for 6 years professionally and personally. As a friend and business referral  partner, I discovered that Thomas is one of the most focused  and dedicated individuals one could ever meet. No matter what the task or what obstacles may arise, one thing I know for sure is that Thomas is dedicated to being Successful Regardless. Having shared mutual clients in our respective fields, I’ve grown to understand through various client interactions that Thomas is who he says he is 100% of the time; a man of integrity, principles and sound morals. "

Donald R. Gaddy II
CEO Gaddy International Real Estate Advisors

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